Illegal U-Turn Tickets Lawyers

So you weren’t sure if you could do a u-turn but you did anyway and now you’ve been pulled over in Boca Raton, FL for an illegal u-turn. Apart from the fines, failure to take care of an illegal u-turn ticket can have serious penalties such as:

  • Higher insurance rates
  • Additional 3 points on drivers license(can vary based on county)

The best thing to do if you are unsure of a u-turn is to just drive around the area legally and turn in the direction you wanted to do a u-turn for. You can avoid all illegal u-turn tickets by doing the above, its simply a matter of a few more minutes. Unfortunately, we understand that it might be too late for that information now but Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton has an excellent success rate in fighting illegal u-turn tickets and keeping points off your license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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