Illegal U-Turn Tickets Lawyers

So you weren’t sure if you could do a u-turn but you did anyway and now you’ve been pulled over in Boca Raton, FL for an illegal u-turn. Apart from the fines, failure to take care of an illegal u-turn ticket can have serious penalties such as:

  • Higher insurance rates
  • Additional 3 points on drivers license(can vary based on county)

The best thing to do if you are unsure of a u-turn is to just drive around the area legally and turn in the direction you wanted to do a u-turn for. You can avoid all illegal u-turn tickets by doing the above, its simply a matter of a few more minutes. Unfortunately, we understand that it might be too late for that information now but Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton has an excellent success rate in fighting illegal u-turn tickets and keeping points off your license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes definitely, the best course of action would be to first call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton and we will review your case and you will know right away if we can help you.

Absolutely, all you have to do is call Traffic Ticket Team at (561) 752-9288. We will discuss your illegal u-turn ticket for free, we are local to Boca Raton and if we can help you we will give you the best options.

First Choice: Call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton and get no points and no driving school guaranteed or your money back.

Second Choice: Pay the illegal u-turn ticket and get 3-5 points on your drivers’ license or if you are allowed you can go to traffic school for an entire day to avoid the points.

Absolutely not, you should not ignore the ticket. Although there are ‘fatal flaws’ mistakes in the eyes of the court that can possibly dismiss the ticket an illegal u-turn ticket in Boca Raton, Florida should not be ignored. Call Traffic Ticket Team for a free consultation (561) 752-9288.