Boca Raton, FL and Palm Beach County DUI Lawyers

Being pulled over and being told you’re under arrest for driving under the influence can be a scary reality for many drivers in Boca Raton, FL. If you find yourself in this situation, having a legal defense team like Traffic Ticket Team can give you the best chances of success in negotiating with the prosecution or arguing your case in court.

To have a proper defense in a DUI case requires experience and skill. There are a variety of circumstances in building a proper defense regarding a DUI arrest and none should go unexplored. Things can bring up issues during a traffic stop or arrest, such as:

  • The officer may not have had probable cause for pulling you over.
  • Any kind of DUI road test or in-facility breath or blood test was not properly conducted or administered.
  • Possibility of your rights being violated during the arrest or traffic stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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