Boca Raton, FL and Palm Beach County DUI Lawyers

Being pulled over and being told you’re under arrest for driving under the influence can be a scary reality for many drivers in Boca Raton, FL. If you find yourself in this situation, having a legal defense team like Traffic Ticket Team can give you the best chances of success in negotiating with the prosecution or arguing your case in court.

To have a proper defense in a DUI case requires experience and skill. There are a variety of circumstances in building a proper defense regarding a DUI arrest and none should go unexplored. Things can bring up issues during a traffic stop or arrest, such as:

  • The officer may not have had probable cause for pulling you over.
  • Any kind of DUI road test or in-facility breath or blood test was not properly conducted or administered.
  • Possibility of your rights being violated during the arrest or traffic stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is call Traffic Ticket Team at (561) 752-9288. We will review your DUI case and provide you with your best options moving forward.

Before you can drive at all you will need a DUI license suspension permit. Then you will have a limited amount of reason for when you can drive such as between work, school, medical appointments, ect.

You need to call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton ASAP.

It depends is the honest answer, in Boca Raton if you do not take it your license will be suspended for 1 year. If you think you will blow over the .08% limit, your license will be suspended regardless so your best choice will most likely be refusing it in that case.

Since insurance companies will now consider you a potentially unsafe driver, it’s quite possible that your insurance rates will increase.