Boca Raton Florida Speeding Ticket Lawyers

According to FL DMV in Florida alone, there are over 5,000,000 traffic tickets issued every single year and speeding tickets alone are a big percentage of those tickets. Being among the most issued citations speeding tickets are written up for drivers in Boca Raton by the hundreds every day. Whether you were pulled over on I-95 or in the middle of rush hour on glades road, everyone agrees that having to pay a speeding ticket is frustrating.  

Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton is here to help you fight your speeding ticket! A speeding ticket can have impacts on your driver’s license, auto insurance & most importantly time with the possibility of traffic school.

Remember if you’ve been pulled over and issued a citation for speeding in Boca Raton, there is no need to argue with the police officer doing so only makes things harder on yourself. Be courteous, apologize and ask for a warning, if the officer says no simply accept your citation and go about your day. Your next step is to call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton.

Call us at (561) 752-9288 for your fast, free, no-obligation phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply call Traffic Ticket Team at  (561) 752-9288. We give you a free phone consultation in which we will review your case and provide you with your best options.

First Choice: Call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton and get no points and no driving school guaranteed or your money back. Second Choice: Pay the speeding ticket and get 3-5 points on your drivers’ license or if you are allowed you can go to traffic school for an entire day to avoid the points.

Remember to be courteous to the officer and if they ask you “Do you know why you were pulled over?” No matter what, do not state you know why. Simply accept the citation and then call Traffic Ticket Team.

The best course of action would be to first call us and we will review your case and you will know right away if we can help you, from there we got to court for you.

There isn’t an exact equation to handling a speeding ticket in court or even possibly reducing the fine. Regardless, The Traffic Ticket Team works hard to understand your case and work toward getting the ticket dismissed completely or reducing the fine with no points or traffic school.