SunPass Violation Ticket Lawyers

Avoiding long lines to pay tolls is a fast & efficient way to get around and that is why SunPass is Boca Raton’s favorite way to pay tolls. Being able to drive through the Florida turnpike entrance or exit on Glades Road using Sunpass is an extraordinary feeling. Outside of the many positives regarding SunPass, there are some bumps in the road if you receive a SunPass violation in the mail. This is your cue to call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton.

Don’t let a SunPass violation ticket scare you there are a host of reasons for why you might have gotten the ticket. You might want to check if your transponder is installed correctly or even if the batteries are low on the device itself. There are also reasons outside of your control like the actual reader not being able to recognize your transponder for a myriad of reasons.

Let Traffic Ticket Team analyze your case and help plan your defense strategy to minimize the consequences of a SunPass violation in Boca Raton, FL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all you have to do is call Traffic Ticket Team at (561) 752-9288. We will review your SunPass violation and provide you with your best options.

First Choice: Call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton and get no points and no driving school guaranteed or your money back. Second Choice: Pay the SunPass ticket and get 3-5 points on your drivers’ license or if you are allowed you can go to traffic school for an entire day to avoid the points.

Yes definitely, the best course of action would be to first call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton and we will review your case and you will know right away if we can help you.

Yes it can

You will most likely get a violation, be aware of possible situations regarding SunPass violations because if you ignore the ticket your license can be suspended. Call Traffic Ticket Team Boca Raton for your free consultation and options.